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Synagogue Slatina

Information on the history of the synagogue in Slatina.



Jewish cemetery in Slatina

Information on the history of Jewish cemetery.



Adolf Joachim Sabath

Information about the most important personalities.




Our goal is to preserve this unique cultural heritage. First steps have already been taken. We bought the building of the former synagogue, which was intended to ruthless demolition and began with its gradual reconstruction. And we did a great job! Without any assistance, using only our own funds. You can assess whether it was worth it. Please see the pictures in gallery to see the synagogue before reconstruction and after. Reconstruction was completed in the eighties and due to poor quality of construction materials that were available at that time the reconstraction should be repeated in the near future again.

Now, however, we plan to ensure more important repairs, we do not want to focus only on the synagogue itself, but also the Jewish cemetery, which is situated near the village of Slatina. Please see below the list of repairs we would like to ensure when we receive enough funds.

  • waterproofing of the building foundations (in order to avoid moisture problems) - $20 000
  • repair/replacement of all windows to improve insulation of building (the original material (wood) and shape will be retained) - repair $1 000/replacement $10 000 
  • repair of the facade on the west side - $4 000
  • new entrance gate of the Jewish cemetery - $400
  • repair of the wall of the Jewish cemetery - $2 000
  • reconstruction of prayer room (masonry repair, preservation of original paintings) - $4 000

And if everything goes well, we would like also to:

  • create the stone desks with Ten Commandments and place it on the facade of the building - $2 000
  • create the new tourist information board - $400

Help us!

Help us to maintain and preserve Jewish cultural heritage in Slatina for future generations. It is up to you how much of the above planned repairs will take place.

We are extremely grateful for any donation no matter how big or small! We have a very small budget and depend on donations from generous people like You.

Remember, there will be applied a fee (3.4% + 10.00 CZK) on a donation to process the payment, so why not donate a little bit extra? Please use the online donation form below. You can also make a donation directly to our bank account indicated bellow. Also here will be applied a fee to process the international transaction (equivalent of USD 8). Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

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